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Jeremy originally trained as a drama teacher and an actor and taught drama for two years as a volunteer in Sri Lanka when he left University. On his return to England, he trained and worked as a Samaritan Listener and took a course in counselling. Jeremy also toured the length and breadth of the country as an actor, devising shows and performing in provincial theatres.

Never one to stop seeking new avenues and as an addicted calculated risk taker, he landed his first television job as the communication and confidence coach on the popular BBC2's dating show, 'Would Like To Meet.' This was quickly followed by his role as personal tutor/Life Coach on BBC1's 'Fame Academy.'

When a dearly loved partner leaves, everything you’ve counted on is gone. You look around the home you once shared and it’s as though you’ve misplaced half your life in it – which perhaps you have. All your life plans have to be rethought. You don’t just lose the person, you lose hope – and also part of yourself. When they go, they take a part of your life with them, the bit they were a witness to. Broken hearts, broken dreams - is it any wonder most people find getting over a serious relationship split one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do in their life?

His other television credits include presenter on BBC1's 'City Hospital,' presenter on the BBC3 dating show, 'The Bachelor,' and expert relationship panellist on BBC1's 'Test the Nation.' He could also be seen regularly on BBC1 Breakfast News discussing life and relationship matters. His scariest television moment was confronting Ann Robinson on 'Celebrity Weakest Link.'

His writing credits include co-author of the 'Would Like To Meet,' book on dating and relationships as well as numerous Life Coaching and confidence contributions to relationship web sites. He can now be heard regularly on BBC Radio 5 Live and local BBC stations discussing and advising on relationship and confidence issues. Jeremy also does one to one private life coaching sessions in London.


"The reason I'm getting involved with Men Scorned is because I have personal experience of marriage and relationship break ups, both as a child and as an adult. I want to try to help people to learn to cope with and understand what is a highly stressful and deeply emotional situation and come out the other side with pride, confidence and dignity restored. I believe that making the shift from 'heart ruling the head' to 'head ruling the heart' is an integral part of the healing process. I also know that such a change takes time and can feel like a tough lonely road. I want to offer empowering and non judgmental support to help you through these times."