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The ‘other’ man could be anyone. He could be the brother or son who hasn’t stopped going on about how fabulous his new woman is… completely oblivious to the husband waiting for her back home. He could be that kind looking man sitting at the desk opposite you at work; the last person in the world likely to be involved with cheating. Or he could be the person who is keeping the secret of his friend’s affair, providing that alibi and helping him lie. Is that YOU?

Our point is that all kinds of men get caught up in adultery. Some go into it with their eyes open whilst, to others, it just ‘happens’. Some are aware of it whilst others are as much a victim of a cheating woman as her husband or partner. It’s easy to judge, but take a quick look around your closest group of friends and it’s likely at least one has been caught up in adultery in one way or another whether they planned to or not.

Men Scorned is here in all those scenarios. Whether you’ve fallen in love with the wrong person or whether you’re the best friend burdened with someone else’s secret and you don’t know what to do we hope we can point you in the right direction and support you on your way. The other man? He might be closer to home than you think.


No one sets out to be the other man...or do they?

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