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Accepting your partner’s infidelity is often the hardest part. The darkest hour, after all, comes before the dawn. But this is the turning point. Whatever you decide from hereonin about your future things will get better. For some men, it’s about accepting that their marriage or relationship is over. Others choose to stay and need to find a way of accepting what has happened but this doesn’t mean that the relationship can’t get back to the way it was – or become even better.

You might already be packing your bags (or theirs!) or perhaps you feel this isn’t an option for you. Maybe you’ve decided infidelity is unacceptable, whatever the reason, or perhaps you are choosing to stay and work things through. Every man has his own reasons for staying or leaving and that’s absolutely fine. There is no right or wrong way forward, only what’s right for you, and we’re not here to judge. Whatever your circumstances the Men Scorned website and Forum can help you work out how to move beyond the denial and grief towards acceptance. This may mean you can forgive your partner or it may not but, whatever the future holds, the recovery starts here.

Whatever the future holds, the recovery starts here!

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