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Tracey Cox is an international sex, body language and relationships expert as well as a TV presenter. She is well known for her TV shows on sex and relationships aswell as her range of best-selling books which have sold millions worldwide.

A former associate editor of Cosmopolitan (Australia) and radio show host, Tracey has appeared on Oprah, CNN and The Today Show in the US, as well as numerous prime-time chat shows in the UK and world-wide. She’s been an agony aunt for ivillage, News of the World, Cosmopolitan and numerous magazines worldwide, has a weekly column on the Mail Online and Closer magazine and her own range of products, developed in the UK, with Love Honey.

When a dearly loved partner leaves, everything you’ve counted on is gone. You look around the home you once shared and it’s as though you’ve misplaced half your life in it – which perhaps you have. All your life plans have to be rethought. You don’t just lose the person, you lose hope – and also part of yourself. When they go, they take a part of your life with them, the bit they were a witness to. Broken hearts, broken dreams - is it any wonder most people find getting over a serious relationship split one of the hardest things they’ve ever had to do in their life?

The astonishing fact is, though, most of us not only muddle through the agony and survive, we go back for more. When we’re hurting we think, Not me! No sireee! I’ve bloody well learnt my lesson this time. I’m never falling in love, ever again. But we do – and most of us know we will, even in that deep, dark lonely moment.

Broken hearts heal, new dreams replace the old and a lot of people – including me – look back and realise most relationships end for a reason. If Susan hadn’t dumped you, you wouldn’t be with Sara – and just looking at her turns the world the right way up. Yeah, yeah, I can hear you thinking, that’s all wonderful. But how do I get from the painful part to the Sara scenario? Well, there’s plenty you can do to make the journey quicker and reading these features are a good start. Start with the ‘Get Over It Guide’ and work from there.

Some of this information was taken from my book Hot Relationships: How to Have One.