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I’ve been a Royal Engineer Commando, PE teacher, security guard at the UK Mission to the UN in New York and a PCSO in the Metropolitan Police but by far the most demanding job I ever had was as a stay-at-home dad to my three kids: Sam, Jude and Liberty.

I have written several training manuals as Commando Dad, guiding fathers through parenthood. They are basic guides to all the practical skills I needed to learn – fast. Eight years and two more children later – and armed with the experience of being a qualified childminder – I wrote the first of the manuals.

I also created a website as back- up support to the book – – and set up a forum for dads.

With regards to parenting expertise my eldest son in now 13 so I am discovering first-hand the trials and tribulations of dealing with a teenager. He is fortunate to be part of a family unit which has never been blown apart or affected by infidelity but if you have been affected by one of your parents being unfaithful, whether they have stayed in the marriage or not, I am on hand to offer the best of advice, guidance and help. Remember that you are not alone throughout this. I am here for you.

Neil Sinclair is the author of Commando Dad. He writes about fatherhood for Telegraph Men...more



"I'm a stay-home dad because it makes sense for my family Fathers who stay at home with their children instead of working do so not because they can't afford childcare, but because they want to, says Neil Sinclair"